We have a foolproof guide to help you stay safe on your goes-with-me-everywhere device. Smartphone protection is the topic- we will make this quick and easy.

Smartphone protection

Look around- everyone is on their phone pretty much at all times. This is the new playground for criminals- so it makes the most sense that we need to have the highest level of protection over it. Avoiding hackers and fraudulent charges is crucial these days. Here are a few more tricks and tips to stay safe. You are on your device more during the holidays, so take a minute to read this before snuggling up by the fire with online shopping to do.

Click Less

Click on less emails- especially the ones that seem too good to be true- they always are. High percentage coupon off codes, personal messages, and wait lists are created to bait you into giving information that will be sold to other retailers. Avoid having to unsubscribe to phishing schemes by avoiding clicking on these.

Lock your phone

You can think you are being aware, but all it takes is a swift look over your shoulder for someone to pick up a password of yours. Take advantage of a password or code feature to keep your information secure when you are with and not with your phone. Check out our other blog about password choices.


All you need to know here is if the website says http://sweaters.com instead of https://sweaters.com you are not on a secure website. Steer clear of websites that do not start with https– its all in the “s“… s=secure.

Don’t use their WIFI

In our opinion, it is best to not use public Wi-Fi when you shop. The millions of hackers that exist are sitting back and waiting for the holiday season; be extra careful when using public Wi-Fi. Don’t ever use a hotspot if you think it is not secured.

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