Integrated Wi-Fi Installation

Give any device on your property internet access thanks to Southern Cal Telecom. Our dedicated technicians can install a dependable Wi-Fi system to meet your needs. We are now partnered with a new equipment provider for wifi systems: Ubiquiti. If you happen to purchase your own wi-fi system, we can install that as well.

You’ll always receive reliable customer service from our experienced team. We only use the latest in high-quality equipment and offer you complete support, including installation, programming, and maintenance.

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The Latest in Wi-Fi Systems

  • Capacity for multiple devices
  • Easy to manage
  • Fast installation
  • Fewer wireless access points that blanket a larger area
  • High-performance wireless technology
  • Save on capital and operational costs
  • Wall-mounted wireless access points and mesh technology

Seamless Internet Access

Southern Cal Telecom can install and service seamless Wi-Fi networks anywhere on your property.

Contact us today at 800-338-1966.