iphone tricks and tips

iPhone users commonly make the mistake of assuming their phone safety is under control behind the operating system somewhere. Although Apple has a fairly secure operating system, there are the occasional vulnerability scares and threats to take into account. Your information online these days, is just as important as your physical documents you keep in a safe.  Alongside data storage, there are tips and tricks to keep the people trying to get access to, and control of, your iPhone – away. Here they are:


    Picking a truly random PIN code, not your date of birth or kids date of birth.


    Unfortunately they exist. Fake apps are criminals hoping you will enter in your personal information such as credit card information, contact details and passwords, as well as tricking consumers into downloading malware. Check on the reputation of the app before downloading by going directly to their website on your mobile browser and look for a link to the app.

  • two-factor authentication (2FA)

    2FA, such as your phone’s fingerprint reader, adds a second layer of security and is a great way to protect your accounts and the data within them all.

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