Upgrade Your Network Wiring

Cat5e wiring was the standard-bearer in network cable technology but has become classified as obsolete due to the advancement of Cat6 and Cat6A cabling. At Southern Cal Telecom, we can completely upgrade your older Cat5e wiring to the brand-new Cat6 and Cat6A.

structured cabling

Why Upgrade Cabling?

Cat6 and Cat6A wiring are vastly superior to Cat5e and offers you better overall performance. They will give you more reliable speed and service with less crosstalk interference. Cat6 and Cat6A cabling can also support larger capacity Ethernet systems and far more data than the Cat5e. We handle the complete upgrade process.

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Learn More About Cat6 and Cat6A

Cat6 and Cat6A are similar to Cat5e as they support speeds over a Gigabit (1,000 Megabits per second) Ethernet. However, the main difference is that Cat6 and Cat6A functions at a bandwidth of 250 MHz. Hence, they are ideal for business use. If you’re looking for a high-performance connection, Cat6 and Cat6A can minimize crosstalk and EMI issues on networks.

Looking to offer a sense of “future-proofing” your home or office? Cat6 and Cat6A offer advantages over Cat5e. As these category cables offer a higher bandwidth, they keep your networking setup at high performance. Cat6A’s ability to carry higher bandwidth makes it ideal for more permanent installations at home or office.
Cat6 and Cat6A are available in solid copper wire. Unlike stranded cable which uses numerous copper wires stranded or twisted together, solid cable consists of a single piece of copper for electrical conduction.
For applications where flexibility is important, stranded wire is the best choice. Solid cable is perfect for permanent installations where the durability of solid cable offers longevity versus flexibility.
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