Half the world owns smart phones.

The GSMA (stands for Groupe Speciale Mobile Association) is an association representing the interests of mobile operators and the broader mobile industry world. They released a State of Mobile Internet Connectivity Report 2023 and this report let us in to the fact that 4.3 billion people now own smart phones. This is in fact- more than half of the world’s population.

What does this mean?

This means that the remaining 3.4 billion in the world are not connected to the internet. Those that are not connected are not for either financial restrictions, geographical wireless service availability, may feel overwhelmed by technology due to age and lack of experience with it, or simply just do not agree with or find use of the internet as a main source of information and connection. No matter how many likes, shares, or views something has on it- it is impossible to say “everyone has seen this.”

We found an article written by Telecom Tech News by Ryan Daws, where he quotes Mats Granryd, Director General of the GSMA, saying: “Lack of connectivity will deprive billions of people of access to vital services and revenue-generating opportunities – likely impacting poorer, less educated, rural and female users disproportionately. As the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and rise in climate-related emergencies affects these groups further, there is an urgent need to accelerate digital inclusion and break down the barriers to stop the digital divide from widening further.”

Ryan goes on to say that “Efforts to bridge the digital divide must be intensified, focusing on addressing barriers to usage, improving digital literacy, and ensuring affordable and accessible internet-enabled devices.”

What are your thoughts?

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