AI and Hollywood- sitting in a tree.


OK we will get serious… and discuss what we came here to discuss- ChatGPT and how it will affect our neighbor- Hollywood!

“Silicon Valley plans to use AI to do to movies and TV what it did to news and music, but it’s not too late to resist.”

That comment comes to us from WIRED news, which we follow closely for tech updates to share with you. You can read their full article by clicking here but here is our take on it all…

ChatGPT is an AI program that we have discussed before in previous blogs to introduce you to the idea and just like every robot-takeover movie, it is in fact, taking over. This new program can predict words that should follow a text prompt or word string right? The user interface is a tricky “illusion” of intelligence as WIRED puts it – and they are right. Play with this thing for an hour and you will start to believe it has a better grasp on your own profession than you do. We are here to tell you however- it doesn’t. Just like every single robot-takeover movie out there, humans cannot actually be replaced. Why not? Well, something to do with feelings, experiences, and soul identifying characteristics like compassion and empathy.

Back to Hollywood and what we are here to spill the tea on… we like how they stated it here so we will copy and paste their words:

“Studios perceive that generative AI is a tool they can use against writers. Some kinds of programming can be formulaic—awards shows and sitcoms, for example—which encourages writers to mimic scripts that have been successful in the past. In theory, a well-constructed generative AI could provide a first draft of such a script. But studio executives have gone one step further, imagining that products like ChatGPT will transform the writing process for everything from awards shows to feature films. Studios see this as both a potential cost savings and a way to convert script writing from copyrightable work to work for hire.

It is almost certain that they will embrace generative AI, even if it produces nothing but junk, which is what they will get. They have drunk the Kool-Aid poured by Silicon Valley’s hype merchants.”

Our thoughts: agreed.

It never turns out good in the movies, just as most things on the big screen do not rival real life experiences. I am sure that AI and you could have a fun day creating a script based off past script success, but even if it were funny- who do you credit at the end of the film? Who do you appreciate and award at the AI scripted award shows?

Now this is an opinion post- we are in the tech industry of telecommunications and so these topics interest us, however our opinion is that all the businesses that we serve are successful because of the people that run it. We have the privilege of working with and meeting incredible people all day long- no robot could create those memories we all have with one another. Do not fear that your place will be taken by this technology- it can’t.

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