Protecting your tech in the summer heat

Here comes the sun…

It’s only June 2023 and our weather apps are all sending heat advisory warnings … In addition to staying hydrated yourself, we also need to protect our technology from malfunctioning in case we need it to call in a heat stroke! Electronics don’t handle heat well, just like us so we found some tips to help you protect your tech against the heat this summer.

Tips and Tricks

Leave your device in the house or under shade

Yes we know we sound like Captain Obvious…  but as the weather warms up, we all tend to spend a lot more time outdoors and our devices spend a lot of time with us. Taking your devices with you might make sense unless you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the sun without a place for shade to protect your computer, tablet, phone.

Shade reduces the temp by 10-15 degrees and staying in the AC- another 20-30.

Shut it off?

If you absolutely have to have it with you, maybe shut it off so power is not running through it. This gives it a chance to cool off and not generate additional heat. Also, shutting off your device helps you stay present in the moment you are in, and more aware of your own overheating needs.

Store it right

Locking your laptop in the trunk is a no-no… High heat is detrimental to just about everything.

Turn On Battery Saver

Phones, laptops and other cell phones are constantly trying to connect with the world-wide-everything. This causes your device to consume battery power and increases the heat output. So, if you don’t need it- shut it off (GPS, bluetooth, wi-fi)

Buy support equipment

Sometimes, all it takes is a laptop stand that gets your device off the desk, allowing air to circulate beneath it- problem solved.

Light colors for device cases

Opt for lighter colors whenever possible, both in your devices and the bags you carry them in to reflect sunlight and keep your laptop cooler.

That’s all we got  for you today!

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