Artificial intelligence (AI) is here and it doesn’t seem to be stopping or slowing down… so here is what we think you may want to know about it.

AI Chatbot 101

What is it?

Let’s start with first educating on the word “chatbot”:

Chatbots: software programs that engage in text (or audio prompted for visual disorders) in online conversations with humans. They are useful in generating automated responses removing or lessening the need for an actual human representative to respond.

Let’s now move on to “AI chatbots”:

AI chatbots: software programs that understand spoken or written human language based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities. Imagine a chatbot that doesnt need you to be quite to literal and precise in your query, as they can detect the intent of a query that a user types in and deliver the best response to it. Bonus: the chatbot is getting to know you better and better and can produce responses based on how many times you have educated it on yourself and what you are looking for.

What is the difference?

Basically- chatbots have a pre-programmed list of responses and each question doesn’t change it’s ability to respond to you. AI Chatbots get smarter, more efficient, and less “programmy” the more you and others educate it.


  • Efficiency- you may not have to type in your question 3 different ways to get an answer- these bots can work around your limited language and figure out better what you need from it.

  • Accurate- because these bots are learning from YOU, they are more accurate on the information you are seeking and they deliver.

  • Less time sorting through possible answers- the chatbots will give you one answer for your question (sometimes multiple if that is actually the best answer). You no longer need to click through several search options, going back and forth from a search result page to the answers. It will generally just give you the best answer- the way a parent just simply says… “because I told you so.”

Where can I try this out?

PS- we are in no way soliciting or promoting the use of these- simply just sharing what we learned with our tech friends.

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