Generative AI is intended to enhance- not replace- customer service jobs

What you need to know.

While we are seeing many articles that are coming out about the fears and worries of what AI, like ChatGPT will do to certain industries and available jobs, we did a little more digging and think we have found some relief that we can share conventionally.

The solution to the fear has been discussed in two different ways, we are hearing. One is to attempt to look into automating human jobs while the other is to sit back and let this AI issue iron itself out and ignore it completely. While you have free will to do either, we propose a third option.


Companies, in our opinion (of just being in the technology field) can take a more strategic plan of action by getting familiar with AI and its capabilities. If your business has task managers, talk to them and see what areas they think AI would be helpful for their jobs to be more efficient. This will of course mean having a quick lesson in AI and what all it can do for you.

The idea of sitting down with your team, pulling up a ChatAI screen and playing with it is not only a fun experience for team building, but can be quite educational and defeat worry about this new technology and what all it will do to current positions. AI bots are getting more advanced and smarter by the second, however it is only as useful as you ask it to be. Primarily people are using it to determine marketing strategies, conduct demographic research, and answer questions more efficiently than a Google search. Often times, search results provide so many options, that it becomes stressful to decipher the right rabbit hole to jump in. ChatAI can be a little more direct than you are used to, but helpful none-the-less.

As we all continue to learn more, we will share the information we come across with you. Let us know if you come up with questions- we enjoy the research required to find the answer.


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