Cyber Security Lesson Time

How to stay safe and protect yourself in other ways

In our other two blogs, we discussed where your personal data is pulled from and how to remove it. Now we have a few extra tips on how to stay as safe as possible. There is no guarantee that someone somewhere will get a hold of your information and use it without your permission, but we hope this helps you find a level up of protection from what you currently have going on.

Lesson 3 of 3: Staying Safe Out There

APPS to use for data protection

  • Reverse Phone Lookup App- this app helps you look up phone numbers from the US and Canada and determine whether the phone number is associated with spam calls (and it’s FREE)
  • AT&T Active Armor App- if you use ATT, they have a free app that helps you keep your identity safe, device up-to-date and safe and stops unwanted calls on a different level than the DO NOT CALL LIST we will discuss later.
  • Andriod Apps article :
  • Honestly- just type in “security” on your phones APP STORE and see what you feel comfortable downloading and using.

What you can do today:

  • sign up for the DO NOT CALL Registry at
  • Do not answer calls from people you do not know, let them leave a voicemail or text you.

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