Small businesses can cut down on their energy use and save money with a few tips…

Replace existing light bulbs

Energy-efficient bulbs may be considerably more expensive to buy than traditional bulbs, but what you’ll save in running them instead will more than offset this cost. They tend to last longer making them more reliable.

Sleep mode on

Make sure you are switching computers and tech to sleep mode when not in use. Computers often use the most electricity in the workspace- making them energy suckers. Make the adjustment as soon as possible.

Try Energy Star equipment when you need to replace

If your business thinking of getting new electrical equipment (computers, printers etc.) think of checking that logo before you buy. To save money in the long term,  opt for devices which have been given the seal of approval from Energy Star.

Energy Star is the world’s largest independent energy conservation movement. Their aim is to help people reduce their consumption by promoting efficient products, such as energy saving computer monitors and televisions.

Check for discrepancies in heating and cooling systems

Be mindful of drafts to help to ensure your heating and cooling systems aren’t using gas and electricity unnecessarily.

We try our best to design your system to be as efficient as possible, but keep up with new ways we are discovering by staying in touch with us on social media and our blog.

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