Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure your Southern Cal Telecom installed video surveillance system is performing at its best. Protect your investment and optimize your security with these tips:

Manicure Your Landscaping

Not only for this task, but for many other home maintenance it is wise to keep bushes, vines and trees neatly pruned and clipped. This will ensure optimal viewing and will prevent the camera view from becoming obstructed. Additionally, now you get a head start on getting rid of spiderwebs, bird nests and wasp colonies when they pop up.

Clean Lenses

Water spots, smudges, mud, pollen, and dust on your camera lenses prevent you from get a clear image- regardless of whether you have a camera that produces high-resolution images or not. It’s simple- clean your security camera lenses regularly and thoroughly. You can use compressed air to blow air at the lens to remove any loose particles or debris; if that doesn’t work well, you can very gently wipe off the camera lens with a soft cloth.

Inspect Camera Housing

Check for water from condensation, dirt, and other outside debris of your camera housing and enclosures.

Check for Corrosion

Quickly replace any connectors that are corroded; they can cause your video surveillance system to short circuit.

Cutting-Edge Surveillance Equipment

Top-of-the-line video and audio surveillance systems from Southern Cal Telecom allow you to monitor and record any activities around your commercial property.

Video Surveillance Systems

Conference Room A/V Systems

Ensure your next presentation goes off without a hitch thanks to a brand-new, high-tech audio and video system installed by Southern Cal Telecom. From PowerPoint presentations to guest speakers, you’ll have the perfect A/V setup in your conference room for every occasion.

Top- Notch Audio and Video Solutions

When you choose Southern Cal Telecom , you’ll get long-lasting, reliable name brand A/V equipment. All installations and services are customized for your specific company as well as current industry best practices.  We use PDA or your company network to control digital and IP-based solutions.

We specialize in Samsung’s latest security camera and surveillance equipment, but we’re trained and certified in servicing all models of A/V and security systems.

A Veteran-Owned Business

At Southern Cal Telecom, we are proud to be a veteran-owned business with over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Contact us for a complimentary analysis of your current video surveillance system. Remember to mention our website for 5% OFF any service.
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Meeting All of Your Telecommunication Needs


At Southern Cal Telecom Inc., our professional staff can install, design, and maintain just the ideal system for your company. At our data and storage center, your data will always be safeguarded with the highest levels of security. Count on us for the right carrier service (VoIP and hosted PBX phone system), security and surveillance systems, and more!