Shopping during the holidays in 2021 changed and we have the advice you need to take and share with others to stay safe

Shopping during the holidays in 2021

Fraud is at an all-time high this year and it is pretty obvious why; during COVID- we all got pretty comfortable making all of our purchases online. This behavior of ours sparked the interest of all the hackers who pray on your internet activity to steal your personal or business identity. Experian reports that 43% of victims said their identity theft occurred while holiday shopping online so we made a little checklist for you to make sure you are staying safe.


First let’s make sure you get your package instead of these “porch pirates”, who steal packages from doorsteps. If you do not work from home to be able to accept a package, consider shipping to your office or another safe place. UPS, Amazon, and FedEx all now have shipping lockers available for secure deliveries as well so you can make sure it gets where it’s going.


Believe it or not, there are apps laced with malicious software, or malware. Criminals use apps and their logins to infiltrate smartphones and do any number of uncool things. The are able to redirect users to fraudulent premium subscription services or automatically subscribing users to expensive content providers without your consent.

Protect yourself by downloading apps from reputable stores, such as Galaxy Apps, the App Store, Amazon App Store and Google Play. They have a checks and balance system before allowing certain apps on their store.


Unfortunately, many online retail stores may not be equipped to secure your info, which could leave your personal details and payment card data vulnerable to cyberthieves or data breaches. It may be a good idea to skip the autofill option or try using a password manager, which provides an extra layer of protection to your account info.

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