Safe, off-site storage of your data (your company’s most valuable asset at times)

For many businesses, some of the most critical business decisions are made using insights from data you have gathered in your marketing, customer feedback logs, research, and from info you receive on competitors. Tough decisions are made about your products and services and that information needs to be stored somewhere safe and sound.  Choosing a data storage solution is overwhelming- especially if you do not understand fully the risk in losing data. We want to help you make a sound decision so here is a bit more info on data storage, how it works, and how we can help.

But first…

Unfortunately, many businesses’ out there keep their data just as at risk as a store with their front door open overnight. Data thieves are looking to access your customer data just as much as a thief on the street.  There is also the risk of data loss due to infrastructure failures, physical damage, viruses, and even incorrectly formatted or stored data. This should be a top priority for your organization- just like locking your doors.

Step 1– All antivirus software and firewalls need to be and stay up-to-date, ensuring that there are no gaps in coverage.

Step 2- Time to enforce strict password protocols. More than 80% of data breaches are the result of bad password security or password vulnerabilities. If weak passwords are an easy way into your system, data thieves looking to get in will exploit that.

What are your options and what Southern Cal Telecom can do to help

  • Keep your company’s data in a safe, off-site location with the help of Southern Cal Telecom. We have independent and co-location servers available to store your files and data. By not having to maintain your data on your property, you can save space as well as money. Storing your critical data at one of our centers helps to protect it in case of weather damages, a fire, hacking, or any other potential situation.

    While many organizations like the idea of storing data on equipment that they can see and control, they want to avoid ongoing hassle of managing that equipment. Power and cooling needs can be difficult to accommodate on a regular basis, and implementing new services or features into an IT infrastructure can be challenging and time-consuming if they’re handled internally. By getting your equipment off-premises with a data center, companies can gain the benefits of a data center’s versatility and services while still retaining complete control over their data.

Meeting All of Your Telecommunication Needs


At Southern Cal Telecom Inc., our professional staff can install, design, and maintain just the ideal system for your company. At our data and storage center, your data will always be safeguarded with the highest levels of security. Count on us for the right carrier service (VoIP and hosted PBX phone system), security and surveillance systems, and more!